Black Roses

“Black Rose” photographed by H. Reigns

You can spend every moment of everyday

Worrying your life away.

Wanting something you can’t have

Living in a kingdom of lack.


 -Bereft, deficient, inadequate…

Interlaced in the asseveration of your lover 

Like Soft cobwebs caught on fingertips. 

Deception like black roses.

The intention is to be a thing of beauty

But in actuality they mean death. 

A bouquet symbolizing the end of this

How serene the time was, 

that’s no longer significant 

What was the significance?

Never before have I’ve ever licked amour so delicate. 

Never again will my heart let me be so intimate. 

How could this be what my soul remembers?

If I was abandoned

Left to decay in the shade until the words faded,

Like the “sorries” you buried me with?

Branded on my rock, 

As if they said ” in remembrance.”

My body isn’t anybody,

Honey is now irrelevant. 

Decades will go by

And I will look like my sister.

But I wouldn’t have lived like my sister.

Hide the fucking flowers

They drip poison. 

Your flower is dead

And you don’t even know that you miss her.


Do you love me?

“Despite it all” photographed by H. Reigns

She said yes.

She looked you earnestly into your eyes 

And relented.

She gave into the pressure that was applied.

She struggled at first, 

But then, 

Like a virgin, she broke way

Feeling less and less of the pain of the breaking.

Against all odds

She chose to love you.

Even though it was not what was best for her.

She did it in spite of herself.

But that feeling,

It wasn’t what you thought it would be.

It was not attraction or coercion.

No money, no dick, no charm is as good as its perceived.

Not good enough for that woman to concede.

You see,

A blanket holds you next to that woman’s heart.

That proximity makes each individual piece that sets her free 

seem smaller to her.

She will begin to become more familiar with your senses.

Anticipating the needs of her man

Slowly and intentionally loosing herself.

But she loves fiercely and accepts the Premeditation.

Not because you talk to her good

Or because you fuck her good

(That is important tho…)


It’s because

You support her, you protect her, & you cherish her

She said yes, 

not because you were better the any other man in her past.

But since you have appeared,

She is too blinded to even compare.

She barely remembers what she had there.

So when you held her face and asked her about her love

In her mind she asked herself

” Are you ready to fly and drown at the same time?”

There was no hesitation…

That Wine Tho…

Maiya Thomas in “hell yes” edited by H. Reigns

That wine tho…

Feels as if as it goes down my throat

Right to the center

Of that pit 

That every woman has

That small seed  

That lies

Right beneath her belly button

That tingles 

When it comes alive

That one place 

That tells her your intentions 

Small besos 

Mean you love her

But if you lick…

That flick drives us wild inside

That wine tho…

Goes straight to that center

And stirs up erotic intoxication

And moral asphyxiation 

Warm honey everywhere 

For your appropriation

We drink each other’s eyes

As you go down

Follow the path of the lines

Of my hips

The bottle of your colleague in the background

We look like a painting

But it feels like a carousel 

I’m getting dizzy 

From you two

That wine tho…

Becomes my polar opposite 

As it goes down

I build up

But like that wine tho…

I’m good to the last drop

In My Mind 

Tomora Parker in “Black Phoenix” photographed by H. Reigns

All of the energy 

That I store inside,

Springs forth from my imagination,

Drips down, 

Hitching a ride with my tears,

Swirls around my lips first,

And then,

Leaps into your mind when I kiss you.

It becomes a manifestation 

Of those original thoughts

That dwell,

When I miss you.

Temptation makes it worse.

It becomes too hard to let go.

And I’ll want to please you.

Catching my vibe,

You roll when I roll.

Diligently eager, I seize you.

The foretaste of New frontiers 

Has me hype.

Your next climax 

Is in my sight.

When we make love

We create life.

New people designed

With you and I

In mind…


Gianni Turner in ” what’s right, what’s wrong, & what’s you” photographed by H.Reigns

There must be a better way…

To find acceptance in love is fleeting.

To find acceptance in sex is misleading.

But still,

We spread our legs and spread ourselves thin.

Just to experience the richness and fullness of being together,

But note that just because you are being filled,

doesn’t mean that you are fulfilled within.

Just because the two bodies come together again,

Does not mean that you are one.

There’s got to be a better way to prove our love.

Open gateways signal the point of no return.

Caution signs look like yellow sun flowers.

The sun doesn’t always look like it will burn.

I am being split three ways.

I know what’s right, what’s wrong, and what’s you.

The truth about my trio seems to change day by day.

At night you seem to ignore the things to say by day.

My soul screams it tells me the costs that I pay to play.

But the aches of my desires phase the eclipse and devour me anyway.

There must be a better way…


” I Wish” photographed by H. Reigns

I wish you knew how good this feels

I can’t make you understand my perspective…

You were built to be a giver

And I was built to be receptive 

I was built to be selfish

To open anything  

And demand 

That you give me everything 

It’s petty to say I’m jealous 

Of your capabilities 

Of your capacity and tenacity 

To fuck away my very atmosphere

And turn my past into tragedy

Because I never knew that my

Savory blossom could sway

Like the lotus in the China pond

Floating in mid day

You have my body

So out of body 

It’s like I’m in mediation 

Where else could I go but here

You leaving me in desperation 

All the derogatory degradation 

That’s spilling from my pores

Is pleading to fuck me harder 

Just fuck me till there’s no more

No more space in the time continuum 

Exploded stars shards on the floor

I wish you could experience the experience 

Of how good it is to be sore.

The Wetness

“Sip” photographed by H. Reigns

I’m having a hard time

Keeping my legs together.

I’m shifting and swaying in my seat.

Pressing the space that’s messing with me,

From my feet up to my knees.

Maybe if I can squeeze tighter,

Then she will stop dripping.

Try as I may to silence her,

Her vocals flow freely,

And she speaks words

That soak into my dreams.

They flood my senses,

And send my triggers to extreme.

There’s no need to rush.

Even the slightest touch,

Has me being someone.

I’m not supposed to be.

Swishing and stirring 

Because she is purring.

Then seeps out through more pores.

She started it,

But she doesn’t finish it.

The wetness is all over, 

And will rule forevermore.