Black Roses

“Black Rose” photographed by H. Reigns

You can spend every moment of everyday

Worrying your life away.

Wanting something you can’t have

Living in a kingdom of lack.


 -Bereft, deficient, inadequate…

Interlaced in the asseveration of your lover 

Like Soft cobwebs caught on fingertips. 

Deception like black roses.

The intention is to be a thing of beauty

But in actuality they mean death. 

A bouquet symbolizing the end of this

How serene the time was, 

that’s no longer significant 

What was the significance?

Never before have I’ve ever licked amour so delicate. 

Never again will my heart let me be so intimate. 

How could this be what my soul remembers?

If I was abandoned

Left to decay in the shade until the words faded,

Like the “sorries” you buried me with?

Branded on my rock, 

As if they said ” in remembrance.”

My body isn’t anybody,

Honey is now irrelevant. 

Decades will go by

And I will look like my sister.

But I wouldn’t have lived like my sister.

Hide the fucking flowers

They drip poison. 

Your flower is dead

And you don’t even know that you miss her.


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