Do you love me?

“Despite it all” photographed by H. Reigns

She said yes.

She looked you earnestly into your eyes 

And relented.

She gave into the pressure that was applied.

She struggled at first, 

But then, 

Like a virgin, she broke way

Feeling less and less of the pain of the breaking.

Against all odds

She chose to love you.

Even though it was not what was best for her.

She did it in spite of herself.

But that feeling,

It wasn’t what you thought it would be.

It was not attraction or coercion.

No money, no dick, no charm is as good as its perceived.

Not good enough for that woman to concede.

You see,

A blanket holds you next to that woman’s heart.

That proximity makes each individual piece that sets her free 

seem smaller to her.

She will begin to become more familiar with your senses.

Anticipating the needs of her man

Slowly and intentionally loosing herself.

But she loves fiercely and accepts the Premeditation.

Not because you talk to her good

Or because you fuck her good

(That is important tho…)


It’s because

You support her, you protect her, & you cherish her

She said yes, 

not because you were better the any other man in her past.

But since you have appeared,

She is too blinded to even compare.

She barely remembers what she had there.

So when you held her face and asked her about her love

In her mind she asked herself

” Are you ready to fly and drown at the same time?”

There was no hesitation…


3 Comments Add yours

    1. honeyreigns says:

      Thank you. šŸ˜Š


  1. DeAnna Mackey says:

    My baby brother, so handsome. Love you Jay. Very nice poem. Really nice!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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