That Wine Tho…

Maiya Thomas in “hell yes” edited by H. Reigns

That wine tho…

Feels as if as it goes down my throat

Right to the center

Of that pit 

That every woman has

That small seed  

That lies

Right beneath her belly button

That tingles 

When it comes alive

That one place 

That tells her your intentions 

Small besos 

Mean you love her

But if you lick…

That flick drives us wild inside

That wine tho…

Goes straight to that center

And stirs up erotic intoxication

And moral asphyxiation 

Warm honey everywhere 

For your appropriation

We drink each other’s eyes

As you go down

Follow the path of the lines

Of my hips

The bottle of your colleague in the background

We look like a painting

But it feels like a carousel 

I’m getting dizzy 

From you two

That wine tho…

Becomes my polar opposite 

As it goes down

I build up

But like that wine tho…

I’m good to the last drop


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  1. Maiya Thomas says:

    Yessss honey!!!!!

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  2. KRowe says:

    I tell you what as a guy I enjoyed reading this one. It sent my mind racing as the clock was racing towards 5pm lol.

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  3. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  4. while I while away at limericks, you strike to the heart of the matter in ways and with insights I never could. Thank you for your rapier sharpness (means your words stab to the heart like a sword in precise stabs). Such a poet as you deserves a wider audience for your honesty and drive!–Jonathan Caswell, (another) Poet.

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    1. honeyreigns says:

      Thank you for such encouraging words. I’m looking forward to going over your page.

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      1. Only saying what I feel and observe!

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  5. Heartafire says:

    This is hot and perfect!

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    1. honeyreigns says:

      Thanks! I’m still re-reading on your page! lol

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      1. Heartafire says:

        thank you Honey!

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