In My Mind 

Tomora Parker in “Black Phoenix” photographed by H. Reigns

All of the energy 

That I store inside,

Springs forth from my imagination,

Drips down, 

Hitching a ride with my tears,

Swirls around my lips first,

And then,

Leaps into your mind when I kiss you.

It becomes a manifestation 

Of those original thoughts

That dwell,

When I miss you.

Temptation makes it worse.

It becomes too hard to let go.

And I’ll want to please you.

Catching my vibe,

You roll when I roll.

Diligently eager, I seize you.

The foretaste of New frontiers 

Has me hype.

Your next climax 

Is in my sight.

When we make love

We create life.

New people designed

With you and I

In mind…


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