Flats and Heels

Kelli Mack in “keep going” photographed by H. Reigns


I want to be able to walk with my head held high.


I want to be able to sleep at night.


I want to be loved.

I want to feel loved.

But first, I must be love

And give love.

One cannot be so abrasive and negative,

If you want softness and positivity.

Don’t think that a man is going to feed off of your memories. 

He is not going to remember

That how your mind works is amazing,

Or that your peach is sweeter then any others.

He won’t remember that you could soothe him 

Away from his childhood 

And away from his mother.

Their love is short term.

But yours was meant to be everlasting.

You birth the future,

Because your passion is surpassing.

And everything about you is beautiful,

And the woman next to you is beautiful,

And instead of competing,

Be complementary. 

Be soft and free together.

Sometimes we were flats.

Sometimes we wear heels.

It just depends on our weather.

The mystery of our magic will endure

As long as we weather this together.


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