Gianni Turner in ” what’s right, what’s wrong, & what’s you” photographed by H.Reigns

There must be a better way…

To find acceptance in love is fleeting.

To find acceptance in sex is misleading.

But still,

We spread our legs and spread ourselves thin.

Just to experience the richness and fullness of being together,

But note that just because you are being filled,

doesn’t mean that you are fulfilled within.

Just because the two bodies come together again,

Does not mean that you are one.

There’s got to be a better way to prove our love.

Open gateways signal the point of no return.

Caution signs look like yellow sun flowers.

The sun doesn’t always look like it will burn.

I am being split three ways.

I know what’s right, what’s wrong, and what’s you.

The truth about my trio seems to change day by day.

At night you seem to ignore the things to say by day.

My soul screams it tells me the costs that I pay to play.

But the aches of my desires phase the eclipse and devour me anyway.

There must be a better way…


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