Kind Words

Jay Johnson Jr. in “Contemplating” photographed by H.Reigns

How hard is it to speak a kind word

To someone in need?

Especially if they are in a situation,

That is a duplication 

Of one of your own?

Would it have made a difference to you

When you weathered your storm?

By spiritual law,
Aren’t you now required?

To lead the masses through 

The issues that you’ve passed?

Or are you too wrapped up in 

Whatever you have going on now?

The peace you had,

Was just a piece and did not last.

Perhaps it could not grow,

Because you did not plant it, my love?

You did not place it in the strong firmament.

You did not water it, 

You did not bring it to the light.

You did not nurture it,

You did not shelter it 

From the cold at night.

You were supposed to turn it 

From a few to many

And feed others, 

So that they could do the same,

And instead of walking with our hands held out,

We would be walking in a field of dreams.

But, instead, 

you do, what we have often done.

We pluck it, put it on display.

Either hide it from the sun

Or show it off for fun

Taunt the ones who don’t have one.

And judge, why they werent able to receive it.

If I told you that their destruction

Was really one of your own

Facing withdrawals from a sweet chant

Would you believe it?



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