“So what” photographed by H.Reigns

My eyes are low like I’m sleepy
Laying in serendipity 

I am asking myself questions.

Is it the liquor that has me feeling so open?
Is it this taste that lingers on my lips

Making me lose focus?

Imagining some things.


I can’t keep thinking about these types of situations.

Ghostly shadows of Christmas future implications 

My breathing is experiencing fluctuations.

I’m wondering, 

What would happen though?

What would happen,

If I were to let myself completely go?

To feel everything that it is possible to feel?

To love them all?

To love the people who said they loved me?

And to love the people who never cared for me,

Without the threat of what it will do to me in the process.

Would I be happy and free

Or be a glutton in excess?

Insatiably, as the fiend lives

I would never stop it

and like a thick and grimy coat

I would pout and sulk about it

How would I ever be fine?

Never satisfied 

is what insatiable is


One Comment Add yours

  1. Frank Talk says:

    A wonderful definition and expression. Beautiful flow!


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