Nyles Bullock-creative entrepreneur in “dreamer” photographed by h. Reigns

“Where is it that….”, she began to ask me, “Where is it that your freedom lives?

Where do your hopes rest at night to re-group and then fly again?

Where do your dreams satiate their thirst and dive into the deep end?

Where do you go when you want to quench the fire, but you have too much oxygen?

Breathe in the love that is all around you and feel the energy stroke your skin;

Lift your palms up towards the sky and thank the Creator for the blood that’s in your veins.

Thank the Son for warming your soul and raining down acceptance and grace.

Thank the ground for embracing your feet, to help keep up with this brutal pace.

Close your eyes and retreat within, sink into the knowledge that your ancestors sowed.

Part your lips and with the breathe of God, tell me

Where did you go…?”



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