“Mona Lisa sugar” photographed by h. Reigns

You are so powerful 

They way you handle me

Shows your expertise

Even though your kisses

Are soft and sweet

They are dripping masculinity 

You grip me intentionally 

Forcefully pulling me closer

I mean the force of your desire

Draws me closer like gravity 

How is it that you know

When to limit your strength?

Or when to give me your all?

My water spreads exponentially 

And your jagged edge catches my waterfall

Your actions dictate my responses

You putting your head down

You getting down on your knees 

So ironic

it causes me to behave submissively 

Delusions of an unevolved man

Won’t realize that you are in control

I accept your domination because I trust you

And I bend into an Iconic pose

Pictures of my lips 

Mark the beginning of my words

The segue into this iconic prose

Love letters are in theses stanzas

All inspired by you I suppose

I guess I should let go of worrying

And just see how the rest unfolds

Tell me more about yourself

Tell me everything that you feel I should know

My Man.

Who are you?


How about being The HN in this….


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