Black Roses

You can spend every moment of everyday Worrying your life away. Wanting something you can’t have Living in a kingdom of lack. Being,  -Bereft, deficient, inadequate… Interlaced in the asseveration of your lover  Like Soft cobwebs caught on fingertips.  Deception like black roses. The intention is to be a thing of beauty But in actuality they mean death.  A bouquet symbolizing the end of this How serene the time was,  that’s no longer significant  What was the significance? Never before have I’ve ever licked amour so delicate.  Never again will my heart let me be so intimate.  How could this be what my soul remembers? If … Continue reading Black Roses

Do you love me?

She said yes. She looked you earnestly into your eyes  And relented. She gave into the pressure that was applied. She struggled at first,  But then,  Like a virgin, she broke way Feeling less and less of the pain of the breaking. Against all odds She chose to love you. Even though it was not what was best for her. She did it in spite of herself. But that feeling, It wasn’t what you thought it would be. It was not attraction or coercion. No money, no dick, no charm is as good as its perceived. Not good enough for that woman to concede. You see, … Continue reading Do you love me?


Momma, Sometimes, I wonder what it feels like to be you, To experience the level of pain that have had to endure. To live the life that you lived. To have the daughters that you did. To see the mistakes that we have made, Despite any warnings that you had tried to give. To watch us throw away our favor, For the love of love and sex. To watch a man take over our bodies. An urban exorcism. We are phantoms of  The little girls that you birthed. Tell me, What does it do to your heart When you hear how we valued ourselves Based on … Continue reading Survive

That Wine Tho…

That wine tho… Feels as if as it goes down my throat Right to the center Of that pit  That every woman has That small seed   That lies Right beneath her belly button That tingles  When it comes alive That one place  That tells her your intentions  Small besos  Mean you love her But if you lick… That flick drives us wild inside That wine tho… Goes straight to that center And stirs up erotic intoxication And moral asphyxiation  Warm honey everywhere  For your appropriation We drink each other’s eyes As you go down Follow the path of the lines Of my hips The bottle … Continue reading That Wine Tho…

In My Mind 

All of the energy  That I store inside, Springs forth from my imagination, Drips down,  Hitching a ride with my tears, Swirls around my lips first, And then, Leaps into your mind when I kiss you. It becomes a manifestation  Of those original thoughts That dwell, When I miss you. Temptation makes it worse. It becomes too hard to let go. And I’ll want to please you. Catching my vibe, You roll when I roll. Diligently eager, I seize you. The foretaste of New frontiers  Has me hype. Your next climax  Is in my sight. When we make love We create life. New people designed With … Continue reading In My Mind